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Nov 8, 2012 9:00am EST
dropped off the child minutes after ttking him.she joins us live now.megan what can you tell us? us? we justtgot off the phone with pplice and they confirm that a child was in a car that was &phappened on fairlawn avenneea short istance away at a bus 15 minutes ater.we seet megan gilliland to the sseneeand &pshe'll give us a live update as soon as she gets there. the man responsibbe for the tuscon shoottng spree... will be eetenced today. pleaded guilty to 19 counts... includiig the attempted assassination of former connresswoman, former assassinationnof the attempted counts... including guilty to 19 pleaded loughnerjared lee to. today.will be ennenced responsible for the man pheeggts thhre.update as soon and she'll give us a llve and there. -3 the man responssble for he tuscon shooting spree....will be sentenced today. today.jared lee louggner pleadeddggilty to 19 counts... including the attempted asssssination of former congresswoman, gabrielle giffords... were hurt. - giffood's husband... astronauu mark kelly... plans tooaapear in court for he sentencing... the family.peak on
Nov 7, 2012 9:00am EST
to the scene of that watermaii break candace wws just telling us abo. about.let's gee rrght to her in downtown baltimore... megan? 3 3 3&megaa? 3 ááaddib obama wonááthe voterr have spoken... but they are not done talking. oel d. smith is liie at jimmy's in fells point toosee whhch decisionssare getttng the mosttattention this morning .... and to find out how yourrlives will change good morning joel d. d. 3 &p 3 supporters of quustion 6 madee history... in hat wassa very close race. reeeiied approvvl last niggt... with about 52-percent of the vote.with this pecision... maryyand becomes one of the first staaessin the ccuntty tt approve same sex marriage at the ballot boox (((2:37:07:50)) who i want to thank moot of all are the blessing and priviiege of ssrving for many years..the people oo md. tte people who understand who nderstand we're all in thii togetherr... more faii soc" society." samm sex marriiae was also approveddin maine llat night. marylann voters arrowly approved question 7... which expands gambllng to table gamms... and cclls for a sixth casino in prince george's
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2